Sepa, the Egyptian Centipede God



The first day that I met Sepa was also the first day that I made tortilla soup. I was a highschooler, currently enthralled¬†with articles that essentially taught one how to be an adult. One of the articles talked about how great a slow cooker is for saving time and energy. Before leaving for work or college classes, you’d prepare all of the ingredients for dinner and throw them in the slow cooker. When you got home,¬†boom! A nice, warm meal is there waiting for you. Me, being the dumbass that I am, scrounged up the birthday money that I had and bought a slow cooker so that years in the future when I get an apartment, I’d also have a slow cooker. (I still don’t have an apartment and they don’t let you use slow cookers in the college dorms.)

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